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Our cohesive team consists of a group of consumer packaged goods experts who are steeped in this industry-utilizing a full suite of contemporary analysis tools, consisting of several category management sources to include syndicated data, JDA, Intactics, Relex, 1010, among others. Our results driven, military centric team is goal oriented and focused on your brand development, consumer engagement, plan achievement, and fact-based selling.


Many of EURPACMRLG’s military retail coverage services are performed through a subsidiary – ESCO. These services include the implementation of planograms to position the product most effectively at shelf and display. These retail services are one aspect of the tactical execution of the business plan created in conjunction with the business manager. ESCO’s retail services are focused on tactical execution and the shelf to achieve the client’s standards.

EURPACMRLG and ESCO specialize in maintaining the optimal span of control. We invest in making sure that business plans are adequately executed and our client’s goals are accomplished. Due to the expansive nature of the worldwide military market, EURPACMRLG and ESCO’s management is structured to ensure our team is on the ground in every pertinent location.

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EURPACMRLG is integrated into every step. We manage all aspects of the distribution process. Our services include forecasting, product push programs, demand management, and communication with distributors and field personnel.

EURPACMRLG also manages pricing strategies, which are critical to product order quantities. EURPACMRLG’s supply chain management services are centered against ordering the right quantity at the right time. We process and execute all distributor purchase orders. We utilize EOQ (economic order quantity) to match our client’s purchasing and bracket requirements.

EURPACMRLG utilizes warehouse locations around the world that service military bases. EURPACMRLG focuses on expanding your global reach into the military market. We partner with our clients at every facet of the supply chain to ensure that your business goals are reached. We are the trusted brand builders for CPG suppliers due to our experience and expertise in the military market.

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